Impure skin with 25 plus – 5 Type to Bring The Complexion to Terms

Impure skin with 25? That helps!

The 25th birthday is long gone, eaten the birthday cake and puberty they think they finally disappeared. Since he appeared one morning again:  nasty small pimples and after it many more. We spoke with an expert who knows what helps the other hand – and what has to do with the birthday cake!

Impure skin with 25 – not an isolated case

Impure skin that shines and again suffers from pimples and blackheads, is not just a puberty problem anymore. Today there are women in mid, late 30s, who suffer from a so-called late acne. The causes of this problem are complex, white Kerstin Shoklin, beautician:

Often Occurs are hormonal fluctuations ago. Still too much stress on, the late acne arises. But it also keeps unhealthy foods such as white flour, sugar or ready meals for a possible cause. The recommendation of the skin expert: Pay attention to the diet and reduce stress! What else you can do for a purer complexion?

1: Cleanse – the right way!

Cleanse - the right way

The Nuts and Bolts for blemished skin is clean! says Kerstin. Specifically: throw warm water on my face is not enough! The expert even recommends the evening make-up always clean off twice: eg only with a cleansing milk that dissolves fat-soluble dirt, then use a mild cleansing gel, which frees the sebaceous glands outputs of water-soluble dirt. The skin still needs the support of a clarifying Tonics (face toner). It will remove surfactant residues from the skin and helps her to come to the cleaning quickly restore balance.

2: Gently exfoliate

Gently exfoliate


An important factor in late acne is that the skin in the area of the sebaceous glands outputs too horny and jams the skin fat. Come then, certain bacteria to be quite nasty pimples quickly from the clogged pore. Therefore advises Shoklin, the sebaceous glands outputs regularly ‘expose’ – with a scrub. The best lend themselves enzymatically acting scrubs once or twice a week.

Scrubs with enzymes have the great advantage that they are very gentle to the skin, but remove keratinized cells thoroughly. Scratch is not necessary to solve the enzymes on chemical, the skin cells. Incidentally put such enzymes naturally present in pineapple and papaya extracts from these fruits and turn in scrubs!

3: Gently clarify

Gently clarify

Unclean skin is particularly pleased with Extra Care, Shoklin says: I recommend clarifying mask with healing clay or zeolite (a mineral) and herbs. The mask preferably in the evening to cleansed skin, leave on for at least ten minutes and then remove with a tissue. The skin can absorb the intense ingredients well at this time and is better equipped again in the fight against pimple-causing bacteria.

4: Supply pimple correctly

Supply pimple correctly

If the purulent pimples already there, helping press and usually not squeeze, to make the problem more quickly invisible. Shoklin advises: Stay away from the impurities That only leads to large pores and scars.. Instead, dab the pimple with an antibacterial solution, for example, Salicylic acid (causes of pimples opens) or contains alcohol (fights bacteria).

5: Take the whole body into view

The causes of late acne are hard to get only to cosmetic products in the handle. Shoklin advises about taking on an acne treatment is always the whole body into view. Often, the impurities also have to do with the fact that the bowel does not work well. A check-up with the family doctor or medical practitioner is therefore definitely a good idea, if the pimple simply refuse to go away or heal very poorly.

In addition, it is worth some time on white flour and sugar and bring to dispense with detoxifying teas the gut back into balance, says Shoklin. The skin that is often only reflects back what is inside the body in a bad way. Anyone whose hath received has – in combination with proper care – a good chance to be able to look forward soon on a clear, pure complexion.

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Impure skin with 25 plus - 5 Type to Bring The Complexion to Terms
The 25th birthday is long gone, eaten the birthday cake and puberty they think they finally disappeared. Since he appeared one morning again: nasty small pimples and after it many more.
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