Eyebrow Shapes – Which bow is best to me?

Eyebrow shaping: Optimal impetus for hairs

Little effort – great effect! There’s hardly a beauty measure, the more true than on the shapes of the eyebrows. Above all, the course of the arches is important because it affects the expression of the face crucial. We explain how to find the ideal shape for your face betrayed and professional tips for molding.

Shape eyebrows is millimeter-work

Shape eyebrows is millimeter-work

Eyebrow shapes there are many – and always they are also somewhat dependent on current trends. Now there are lush and rather straight eyebrows, as it has the model Cara Delevingne. In principle, the eyebrow styling trends but not in the foreground, but the individual face and its proportions.

Alexandra Schulze is the owner of the Brow Bar of Wax London Studios. She knows that fine hairs not only give the eyes a perfect setting, but also the face can have a more harmonious.

Often it is only a few hairs here and there something more visual richness – but the result makes us instantly more attractive, younger, or distinctive appear, because the face of eyebrows in the right form acts more balanced.

Ideal dimensions for the brows


A Brow universal form that suits every woman, there is not. We all have a unique face shape – that is as unique should also be our brows. Nevertheless, the natural growth is not always ideal and must be optimized in most cases, so that the hairs can develop their great effect.

Basically you should be based on the natural growth direction of the hairs of the eyebrows. If the hairs naturally rather grow in a flat line, which is usually also the form that affects most harmoniously.

Nevertheless, there are a few overarching guidelines that will help in correcting the forms.

There are the so-called eyebrows ratio guidelines define four average orders of magnitude for different parts of the eyebrows, explains Alexandra – Picture above.):

  1. Amount of the brows at the beginning (nose): 0.4 to 1 cm
  2. Total length of the eyebrows: 4.5 to 5 cm
  3. length of the rising part of brewing: 3 – 3.5 cm
  4. Length of the falling brewing sheet: 2 – 2.5 cm

Determine the course of brewing

So far, so good – but despite the many numbers is still plenty of room for the eye correction. Where exactly should e.g. the highest point of the brow are? Here too, Brow professionals like Alexandra Schulze an accurate recipe that helps to determine the ideal arches.

Since they are based on nose and eyes, the result is completely individual and adapted to the unique proportions of a face. A spatula or a transparent ruler is ideal to define the beginning, end and ‘bend’ the brows.

  1. A) The spatula perpendicular to place up to eyebrow – with the approach about the middle to the outer edge of the nostril. The eyebrow should start where the end of the blade touches the eyebrow. A slight shift outward (approach maximum outer edge of the nostril) is possible.
  2. B) The spatula set from the outer edge of the nostril along the outer corner of the eye. The ideal end of the eyebrow is at the point where meet brow and spatula.
  3. C) The spatula place at the right outside of the iris perpendicularly upwards. The apex of the eyebrow should be where the spatula and the eyebrow cross.

Shape eyebrows with stencils

 Shape eyebrows with stencils

Who on the measuring with a ruler and tape measure has no desire can also access to templates to shape the eyebrows. Which are standardized, but still useful, is the expert: “The template simplifies the symmetrical design of the eyebrows and is ideal for the home care also helps to get an idea of how the eyebrows will look later..”

The Brow Bar of Alexandra Schulze templates are used, among other things, to clarify the customer the difference between narrow, natural and lush brows.

And so used to home the stencils: Just apply and apply brow powder on the free area or tighten with a eyebrow pencil the outline. Settle template and all hairs that are outside of Untick to remove.

Correct proportions

Correct proportions

With the shape of the eyebrows can be corrected even small discrepancies in the face. A flat sheet shortened as an oblong face shape visually, eyebrows with a distinct ‘kink’ stretch a round face. Thus a too thin face look wider, the apex of the brow can be placed a little further out.

Also especially narrow eyes can be optically corrected by a shift start brewing. But beware! Such corrections can be best done by a professional, so really anything goes wrong and flaws are not even highlighted.

Who namely as the apex of the brow chooses to center, receives a surprised facial expression. Too close together brows let us act grumpy.

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Eyebrow Shapes - Which bow is best to me?
Little effort - great effect! There's hardly a beauty measure, the more true than on the shapes of the eyebrows.
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